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Let’s say you decided to visit Mongolia. You heard of the nomadic ways, the yurt, the desert – it’s calling you. Then, one day your friend casually asks you this:

“So, why Mongolia?”

Why indeed? This website will be your cheat sheet on why Mongolia is worth a visit. You can even be living here, as an expat or even a native Mongolian. In any case, you can be rest assured that our website will entertain you with original–even if sometimes unflattering–angles about this little country.

Who’s behind this website?

This guy.






Natso Baatarkhuu lives in Mongolia and writes in English. His works have appeared in Cracked.com and The UB Post, and he started this website. He dreams of publishing novels and selling screenplays someday.

But there are plenty other contributing writers who’ve been writing awesome content here. And you can be one of them, too!

What does this website offer?

Articles – Usually list-based, funny and educational. At least that’s how our fifth grade English teacher assessed our website.

Images – Funny, foppish and photoshopped. You can even get a weekly dose of current affairs on our image news series every Friday.

Reviews – Those who can, do. Those who can’t, criticize. So, join us on our snobbish bashing of Mongolia-related stuff.

Stories – Our literature is unheard of to many, so this is where you can read Mongolian authors’ works translated or written in English.

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For any other questions, please write to inquiries@sowhymongolia.com.


One thought on “About Us

  • October 19, 2015 at 11:37 pm

    I just found this website by searching for more information about “Mangas”, as in, ” The Fable of Mangas” by Tennger Cavalry. Much to my surprise, you had already written a fun article on this folk tale about a grandmother and this monster. I am just learning about Mongolian culture and music and really enjoying your website. Thank you. Could you please do an article on music in Mongolia? I am currently listening to Hanggai, Tennger Cavalry, Nine Treasures, and Ego Fall, but there must be a lot of other really great bands out there that The West hasn’t discovered yet. Once again, thank you.



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