Image News of the Week: 9 Haute-Couture Events in Mongolia (11/26)

TGIF and ANGTFT. Thank God it’s Friday and Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That. Here are the remarkable news of the past week and upcoming, mostly artistic events.

Past Week’s Worthy Stories


Earthquake in Arkhangai

There was a 3.4 magnitude earthquake in Arkhangai Province on September 24. No damage was accrued, but with the previous earthquake being in Khovd, in the far west, one wonders if it’s because something is moving towards UB. Nah, probably not. Let’s move on.



New Flights from Ulaanbaatar to Ulan-Ude

It was announced this past week that UB-ians can now fly directly to Ulan-Ude, Russia, starting October 9. The carrier will be the Russian airline IrAero. reports that one-way airfare will be only 205,000 MNT, or 6,840 RUB.



Az Khur, the First Book Mall and a Viral Challenge

The city’s first book mall, named Az Khur, had its opening ceremony on September 18-19. The book mall is boasting that it’s the first international standard book store, and the photos actually seem to prove it. The book mall’s marketing has also been creative, with bus stop events, and most importantly, the #azkhurbookchallenge on Facebook, which has been trending quite well in past weeks. The book mall is located in front of Saruul Center, along Narnii Road. Yeah, we don’t know where that is either.



Mongolia’s Got Talent

Remember when Simon Cowell was angry that Mongolia wasn’t licensing his Got Talent franchise? Well, we have it now as well, and it’s amazing! Mongolia’s Got Talent premiered last Sunday, with an immediate and exalting reaction from Mongolians, as witnessed by trending on Facebook. Who knew? Apparently we were missing out big time. The show starts at 9 pm every Sunday on Mongol HD.


Upcoming Events


“One Week in the Life of…” Children’s Photo Exhibition

Children from the Swiss capital Bern and the ger districts of Ulaanbaatar captured their daily lives on camera. Now, their work — titled “One Week in the Life of…” — is being exhibited at Blue Moon Gallery (inside the BlueMon building) on October 4-6. The opening reception is at 3 pm. The organizer, Bayasgalant NGO, is a children’s center in Songinohairhan District of UB that takes care of 150 children from the ages of 2-16 who are living under the poverty line.


Ulaanbaatar Art Fair 2015

Several great art exhibitions and educational programs that are part of the UB Art Fair are starting from today until Monday, organized by the City Tourism Department and Union of Mongolian Artists. Most of them are at the UMA Gallery, like the one shown above, but there are also lectures by influential artists, such as the Chairman of Altan Khalis NGO. The details can be found in the link below. Admission is free and there are day-long exhibitions.



American Contemporary Dance Night

Speaking of short notice, this one’s tonight at 7:00 p.m. at the State Theater of Opera and Dance. NorthWest Dance Project company is coming to Mongolia to present the top four pieces from their repertoire. The group is also giving training to over 100 young Mongolian dancers, not to mention over 50 professional light technicians. Let’s hope they’re not being taught the same thing though. The admission is 40,000 – 60,000 MNT, and you can order your ticket here or at the STOD box office.



Ulaanbaatar International Film Festival 

Our flagship international film event, the Ulaanbaatar International Film Festival, is going for its 7th run on October 7–11 at Tengis Cinema. The festival will have a maximum of four Mongolian films and the rest will be international submissions. The organizers finished receiving submissions on September 15. The official program will be announced next week, probably. Admission for screenings will be 4,000 MNT.



48 Hours Film Project

Another great event for film enthusiasts is the 48 Hours Film Project. Any group of filmmakers can sign up to make a short film based on a prompt the weekend of October 2-4. Registration finishes next Thursday, and if you’re not sure, you can attend a technical info session on September 29 at Kino Cafe. Films will be screened on October 6-7, with an entry fee of 3,500MNT.



You can read last week’s image news here.

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SoWhyMongolia is an online magazine that explains Mongolian culture with humor. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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