Image News of the Week: 6 Interesting Stories in Mongolia (8/26)

It’s the end of the week again. Let us summarize the interesting stories of the past week and give you a heads up on the upcoming events. We had some feedback from our readers that image news was a little hard to read, so we’re tweaking the format a bit this time. As always, any feedback is appreciated.

11933397_10206926747904318_8533333150059924199_nTheTourism” Flyer
A company called Hunnu Lord had been using this ridiculous flyer to sell a $160 magazine to unsuspecting foreigners entering Ulaanbaatar. The Prime Minister confronted the airport authorities, who squealed and exposed the culprit to be the Ministry of Transportation. The flyer says, “You, a foreign citizen, must buy Access journal by all means”. Needless to say, many people want to see this company that embarrassed the whole nation punished.
Source: The UB Post

11960266_746674015442113_6410712356599832129_nColor Event UB 3K
A paint race named The Color Event UB is coming up on Sept 12–run 3 kilometers with your partner while getting bombarded with different paints. For 30,000 MNT they give out a white t-shirt, sunglasses, and paints. Mobicom users also get discounts using the Candy service.
Source: Facebook

Hunsnii-nogoonii-uzesgelen-hartsaga-+-320x175Farmer’s market selling with major bargains
A fresh produce fair is going on until October 1, in Barilgachdyn Talbai. You can not only buy vegetables and berries at bargain prices, but also get rarer vegetables like pumpkin, red cabbage, and so on at this outdoor fair.
Source: The UB Post

First-Asia-Memory-Championship-2015-Team-MongoliaMongolian memory warriors
Mongolian team wins 37 medals out of 63 total in Asia Memory Championship and third Hong Kong memory championship, proving that Mongolians are not to be messed with, intellectually. Twenty young Professors Xs competed with adversaries from 12 countries, and O.Sengesamdan was ranked as fifth in the world ranking of intellectual athletes.
Source: The UB Post

11896286_954627111260303_8416475141795887724_oMongolia hosting Asian Fencing Championship
The Asian Fencing Championship is happening between September 7-12, in Ulaanbaatar. There will be people from 35 countries, including Australia and New Zealand, here to compete for the cup. The General Assembly of the Asian Fencing Federation will coincide with the event, making Mongolia appear on the map with a melee weapon again, for the first time in history.

10454267_674418752639956_7104086785997667863_oPhoto competition in Mongolia promises a trip to Mongolia
The Harmonic UB Tourist Photo Competition finishes online on September 26. Organized by the Ulaanbaatar City Tourism Department, this competition asks you to submit any kind of photo taken in Ulaanbaatar. The winner gets two all-expenses-paid trip to… Mongolia. OK, it sounds a bit fishy.
Source: Facebook

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SoWhyMongolia is an online magazine that explains Mongolian culture with humor. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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