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  • August 19, 2015 at 5:14 pm

    Sain bain uu

    So here I am, sitting in an 8th floor corner room at the Bayangol with a reasonably decent view of Bogd Khan at the conclusion of my tenth trip to Mongolia since 2005, leaving for home in northern California tomorrow morning, resting and just dorking around on the interwebs and I find that a Mongol FB friend has tagged me for your “8 (Historical) Types of Visitors in Mongolia” article, saying “I think you’re Andrews in this case.” And she’s right. Not only have I been lucky enough to see quite a lot of the Land of Blue Skies over the years, Roy Chapman Andrews is one of my heroes and inspirations. At this point I’ve been to 14 of the aimags. Rolling across the countryside in a Land Cruiser and tent camping as far into the countryside as I can get is my favorite thing to do here. And I take lots of photos. Lots. Of. Photos.

    I’m an artist who specializes in painting subjects from Mongolia, including the wildlife, land and the malchin and their horses, and who has found that saying “bi zuraach bain” opens doors for me because artists are very much respected here. My work is available in UB at Mazaalai Art Gallery. I speak a little Mongolian, know basic ger manners, love Mongol bokh, tsagaan idee, honiny makh and earth roads.

    I would like to be considered for joining in as one of your contributing writers. I’ve been blogging pretty much weekly since 2007 and often about Mongolia. Here are some sample posts under the category Mongolian Food, which includes a photo essay on boodog.

    I look forward to hearing from you!
    Susan Fox


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